Aug 122015

Organization is not something I do well.  And this runs across the board in my life.  I tend to jump from activity to activity.  My studio is always a mess.  I’m getting better with my tools, but I still have to search for them with the beginning of any project.  This lack of organized…anything…might explain why my lawn is still not completely mowed with summer over half done.

I really had no purpose for this post.  I just wanted to use my blog again.  Look at that.  Another random activity.  And now, I’m gonna go mow my lawn…again random.

Later Days!!!

Human Value

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Sep 242011

I overheard a conversation that was rather sad today.  One young man was lamenting to another that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant, and that there was a possibility that he was the father.  He continued on to declare that she needed to get an abortion because he didn’t have the time and the pregnancy would negatively impact his life.  Another young man (who was ostensibly a friend or at least good acquaintance of the first) objected to that.  Unfortunately, he continued on to say, “…it’s just a kid…” as though there was no real consequence to bringing a child into the world. 

Neither one of these young men were on track.  The first was completely selfish, placing his personal life above the life of an unborn child.  The second was equally wrong.  He failed to recognize the gravity of bringing up a child.

The conversation was a very sad reflection on the value that people are placing on human life these days.  One was more comfortable with the idea of killing an unborn child than he was with facing up to his responsibility for his actions.  This seems to be a common theme that the world puts forth.  The other had no idea how serious parenting is.  Although the world would have us believe that it’s fine to be a single parent and that divorce is perfectly acceptable and that your personal happiness is more important than your responsibilities, it’s simply not true.  The lack of a parent significantly impacts a child and stays with them into adulthood.  Our society’s failure to address parenting and the family can be seen in many of our societal ills today.

That’s my thought for today. 

Later Days!!!

Junk is junk

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Sep 062011

One man’s junk is not necessarily another man’s treasure.  Sometimes one man’s junk is junk.  If you have something that you don’t want, and you offer it to someone else, don’t get offended when they don’t want it either.  That’s just silly.  Offloading your trash onto someone else is not a great act of altruism and generosity.  It’s offloading your trash on someone else.  Think about the message you’re sending.

“This isn’t good enough for me, but it’s certainly good enough for you.”


There’s nothing wrong with offering something that you don’t want anymore to someone else.  Half my house is furnished this way.  But if they don’t want it, don’t get offended, just get rid of it some other way.

Later Days!!!

Church was pretty good today.

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Aug 222011

We had a last minute health crisis with our scheduled worship leader, so we had to put the entire music worship service together right before church.  I got to play guitar today, which is nice.  Usually, I’m on drums.  Not that I mind the drums, but it’s nice to do something new once in a while.  We were definitely winging it.  The songs were songs that the usual worship leader knows by heart, but the guy filling in wasn’t quite as familiar with them.  It turned out good.  I really do love playing in the praise band.

The message was from James and centered on the dangers of our language.  It’s a familiar theme, but as with almost everything in the Bible, it’s good to be refreshed on it.  It’s so easy to let the lessons of the Bible slide away.  I suppose that’s one reason it’s so good to go to church every week.  One of the interesting thoughts that our pastor put out was that our words reveal the condition of our heart.  It’s not enough to just guard our words, but we must also change ourselves inside, or more accurately, ask God to change us.  If our hearts are right, then our words will be right too.  If our hearts are wrong, then even if we remain silent, our hearts are still wrong.

Anyways, it was a good message.  It certainly gave me something to think about as my mouth is one of my personal stumbling blocks.

That’s all for tonight.

Later Days!!!

Social Media battles

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Aug 202011

I think I figured out a way to get my posts flowing across all my different accounts.  We’ll see.  If this post stops at Facebook I will have run out of ideas.  It might be time to hang 10 on Google.

Later Days!!!

Facebook and Twitter and MySpace. Oh my!

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Aug 192011

I’m so frustrated right now.  I set up a Facebook account, a Twitter account, and I updated my MySpace account.  I then linked the Facebook to my blog, the Twitter to my Facebook, and the Myspace to the Twitter.  It worked flawlessly.  I could post once and it was propagated across four different sites.  Awesome.  I then renamed one of my blog categories to “My Faith”.  Aaaaannnnnd….everything stopped.  I managed to get the blog and Facebook linked.  But the blog posts won’t post in Twitter.  They stop at Facebook.  If I write something directly into Facebook Twitter picks it up.

I’m so frustrated.  I’ve about had it  with this social media thing.  Does anyone want to come over for a FACE TO FACE cup of coffee?

Later Days!!!