Why we suffer…

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Oct 172010

This will have to be a rather quick blog, but I felt that it is worth sharing.

I was standing outside today and pondering sadness and pain and trouble.  I’m working on a new song about praising God even through our grief.  I’ve got two verses and a chorus worked out, but it’s been slow in coming.  Regardless, as I was trying to come up with the next set of lyrics, I thought about how God allows us to experience pain and suffering.  A common accusation against God is that if he is all powerful, how can he let people experience pain and suffering, especially people who (in our human eyes) are innocent and don’t deserve it.  A common answer to this accusation from the Christian establishment is that we live in a fallen world.  This is true.  Another answer is that God allows us to suffer in order to increase our faith in Him.  It is also true that once you’ve made it through a difficult time in life with your faith intact, your faith is actually strengthened.  I believe that there is another reason though.

I believe that God allows us to suffer because he doesn’t want us to become attached to this world.  The New Testament has many metaphors that compare us to strangers or aliens in a land that is not our home.  If this world was perfect, why would we want to ever leave it?  God wants us to desire to be with him in Heaven, not to stay here on earth.  Thus he allows us to suffer so that our desire is to be with Him forever.

I must go now.  Just a quick blog on what I was thinking tonight.

Later Days!!!