Sep 212011

I just had a great conversation with a friend and co-worker.  We both share the same faith and we were talking about the state of the Church, being involved in church, and things like that. 

What struck me and inspired  this post is how nice it was to talk and discuss things with someone who shares my faith.  It was good to be able to profess the power of Christ without instantly having to defend or explain it.  Even when we reached issues that we disagreed upon, we still shared the same common core beliefs and were able to discuss those issues from that standpoint.  The conversation was so much better than the conversation/argument that another co-worker started over whether Christmas is a pagan holiday.  Incidentally, whether the date is an amalgamation on  the part of the Roman empire or not, we Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, definitely a Christian event.

I believe this is why Paul professed that it is good to congregate with other believers.  This is why church is important.  It’s not because we have to go to a special building to worship God, but so we can spend time being revitalized and refreshed in our beliefs by other believers.  The world will wear us down and erode our beliefs if we’re not careful.  There is also the thought of remembering the Sabbath and keeping it holy.  But that’s another post for another day.  

So, that’s my thought for today.

Later Days!!!

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